Reviewing process

The overall process is double blind peer review. We kindly ask the reviewers to treat all the information as confident.

The review form consists of 13+1 criterions. For each criterion the reviewer is asked to assign a rating (left part). The reviewer is free to use any level on the following scale:

0 insufficient
1 poor
2 weak
3 good
4 very good
5 perfect

The right part is designated for written comments, which should be in accordance with the numerical rating. We kindly ask you to write down at least two lines. All your suggestions and comments related to a given criterion should be placed here clearly to allow the author to improve the paper. Note, that the author will be informed by the Editor’s office only about written comments.

Further specification, guideline for the reviewer.
Explain your assessment carefully.

Next, we ask the reviewer to provide an overall statement – the suggestion to the editorial board concerning the paper’s suitability to be published or not.

Moreover, an additional statement confident only to the editor can be made.

The Review form can be dowload here (format PDF, 174 kB).

Download Template

Paper Template
ReviewFormENG.pdf [13 kB]