The issue of accessibility from the point of view of tourism service providers

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by Dagmar Zorková


JEL classification

  • Sports; Gambling; Restaurants; Recreation; Tourism
  • Firm Objectives, Organization, and Behavior: General


Accessible tourism, criteria of accessibility, questionnaire survey, service quality


This article deals with the issue of accessible tourism. The objective of the article is to sum up the evaluation of accessibility criteria from the point of view of tourism service providers. The questionnaire survey was conducted in restaurants, accommodation facilities, information centres, tourist attractions and travel agencies. More than 90% of respondents were interested in clients with special requirements. As far as evaluation of the current state of accessibility is concerned, 81% of respondents regarded the business premises as barrier-free, 70% of them think that they provide services adjusted to the special requirements of clients and 93% of respondents consider the communication of staff to be satisfactory. The respondents also expressed their opinions on the influence of particular criteria of accessibility on service quality. They regarded barrier-free access in buildings as the most important (95%), followed by offer adjustment to special requirements (77%), the level of communication between staff and clients (71%) and the possibility of lending disability equipment (64%).