Factors affecting users’ satisfaction with online group buying: A social exchange theory approach

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by Pavlína Pawlasová


JEL classification

  • Marketing
  • Advertising


factor analysis, Online group buying, satisfaction, social exchange theory, structural equation modelling


The topic of this paper is a comparison of the factors that affect users’ satisfaction with online group buying. Social exchange theory was used to identify these factors. Reciprocity, reputation and trust, proposed by social exchange theory, along with the vendor’s creativity and customers’ satisfaction with the purchase can be includ-ed among these factors. The aim of this paper is to identify the factors affecting customers’ satisfaction with online group buying and to find the optimal factor model in the conditions of the Czech Republic. The methods of factor analysis and structural equation modelling are used. The optimal model for the Czech conditions is found. The results confirm that trust, including trust in online group buying vendors and their trustworthy impres-sion, the vendor’s creativity, including new ways to meet consumer demands, new approaches to selling products and new ideas about how to promote products, and customers’ pleasure and contentment are the most important factors for Czech customers.