Optimisation of energy drink social page posts on Facebook

by Pavlína PAWLASOVÁ


JEL classification

  • Marketing
  • Advertising


Advertising, energy drinks market, Internet marketing, posting on social pages, Facebook


The topic of this paper is the optimisation of postings on Facebook through the energy drink SEMTEX social page. The research aim is to identify factors and analyse their impacts on the number of sharing, comments and likes. Analysis of dependence is carried out by using Mann–Whitney and Kruskal–Wallis tests. The degree of dependence is determined by coefficient η. The results confirm that general recommendations for posting on social pages cannot be applied to all products and services. It is better to carry out an analysis because some differences may be caused by differences in type of product or service or in target audience. The results also confirm that people use social networks to talk and meet with friends, because posts, which were better perceived by users, were posts about various competitions. Social pages on Facebook should provide added value to users through entertainment and competitions.