Impact of motivation principles on employee turnover



JEL classification

  • Human Capital; Skills; Occupational Choice; Labor Productivity
  • Nonwage Labor Costs and Benefits; Retirement Plans; Private Pensions
  • Labor Turnover; Vacancies; Layoffs


Employee, human resource management, management, motivation, principles


The article focuses on the analysis of motivation principles in human resource management and their further verification by factor analysis. The objective is to identify the main motivation principles and their impacts on employee turnover as well as formulate suggested practices to eliminate the negative impact of employee disaffection and turnover. The identification of motivation principles is based on a content analysis of professional and scientific publications aimed at motivation. The results and conclusions of this study were consequently verified by a quantitative survey, the data of which were statistically processed. As a suitable statistical analysis to assess the data from the survey, a factor analysis was chosen. The data for the factor analysis were collected and analysed based on two quantitative surveys focused on the causes of employee turnover. The results of both analyses proved and verified identical principles of employee management that affect job satisfaction and the decisions of employees to stay or leave their current job positions.