Capturing rights and duties in a business process model

by Oleg SVATOŠ


JEL classification

  • Firm Objectives, Organization, and Behavior: General
  • IT Management
  • Law and Economics: General


Business process modelling, BPMN, duties and rights, EPC, PSD


This paper focuses on the problem of the inclusion of important legal aspects into a process model, which are an undividable part of a process spanning several businesses. The discussed aspects are those duties and rights present in legal documents that regulate the places where one process crosses from one business into the other. We define an example scenario and on this basis analyse the capabilities of contemporary process modelling languages to capture rights and duties in a process model correctly. Upon unsatisfactory results, we analyse and formalise the concept of the duty and the right in order to be able to capture them properly. We also create an extension to the PSD modelling language, which allows an analyst to capture duties and rights explicitly, and demonstrate its capabilities using the example scenario.