Ensuring knowledge continuity and elimination of employee turnover in organisations in the Czech Republic



JEL classification

  • Labor-Management Relations; Industrial Jurisprudence
  • Labor Turnover; Vacancies; Layoffs


Employee turnover, knowledge continuity, knowledge management, knowledge worker


The goal of organisations is efficient management leading to the efficient use of time, the minimisation of errors and the improvement of the organisations’ productivity. The article focuses on the factor of knowledge continuity, which can contribute strongly to productivity enhancement and simultaneously eliminate the impact of employee turnover and subsequent loss of knowledge of its employees. The purpose is to reveal the current approach in Czech organisations with regard to the causes of employee turnover and knowledge continuity as a critical part of human resource management and to formulate relevant recommendation. The data evaluated here has been obtained through two primary surveys of managers in organisations in the Czech Republic. The outcomes reveal that efficient management, based on applying techniques of knowledge management and knowledge continuity management, may eliminate the negative impact of employee turnover on the loss of knowledge in organisations. The utilization of knowledge held by knowledge employees can contribute to the improvement of efficiency of individual processes and in turn the productivity of the entire organisation. For management to be efficient, managers have to use suitable methods of employee leadership and to create conditions that support knowledge sharing, transfer and preservation. If appropriate conditions are established, employee turnover does not need to lead to the loss of knowledge possessed by knowledge employees.