The ways of communication of municipalities with citizens in Moravian-Silesian region: Preferences of the selected size category of municipalities

by Ivana VAŇKOVÁ


JEL classification

  • State and Local Government; Intergovernmental Relations: General
  • Intergovernmental Relations; Federalism; Secession


public administration, citizen, municipality, data mailboxes, electronic registry, file service


The article is aimed at assessing the findings of the small Moravian-Silesian region municipalities in relation to the new technical means of communication in particular. For this reason, it deals with such special features of the small Moravian-Silesian region municipalities as the level of education, the average age of the population, the possibilities of desktop computers in households and their connection to the Internet. It brings about the results of the research, which was implemented by the author in April 2009. The research was focused on the issue of informing the small Moravian-Silesian region municipalities´ citizens (the size category of the municipality population covered was 0-499). Collection of Laws No. 300/2008, related to the electronic acts and the authorized conversion of documents, considers the institute of data mailboxes as the major support of the development of e-government at all public administration levels in the Czech Republic. The article presents this device as a means of communication between the citizen and the public administration, and between public authorities as well. The intention of the article is to provoke discussion about various tools of communication between citizens and the public office.